Hello 👋
My portfolio site never get updated every time after I create it, so I want to make something functional and something useful.

I am Michinobu Nishimoto, a front-end developer based in Vancouver. I had worked in several design agencies for several years. I currently work at AgentsOnly. I am interested in software engineering as well as creative coding and new ways of expressing the web using WebGL.


Spare Time/Personality

I watch movies and dramas on Netflix and play video games like FPS, action genre on my PC on my days off or when I have time. I also love coffee ☕. I wish I had an espresso machine. (Not enough space in the kitchen)

HipHop culture is my starting point, and I have experience with breakdancing, graffiti, DJing, and beatboxing. I have no experience in making HipHop music (yet!), so I would love to make HipHop music using sampling techniques, then drop the music one day.